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Melanie Martin shares how some of the best things in life are waiting on the other side of your fear.

Fear is one of the biggest enemies of growth. This is a renowned statement that is supported by numerous shreds of evidence. One such example is the story of Melanie Martin who faced adversities of life but today finds her successfully launching a Personal Coaching business. Melanie is an entrepreneur with very big-end goals for life, backed up with a lot of courageous moments.

Early Life 

Melanie, a native Canadian, moved from McBride to Kentucky when she was 9. By the age of 15, she knew she wanted to leave the Mennonite lifestyle where she was in the middle of 8 other siblings. She feared this change as a teen, but her ethics and morals backed her vision of wanting so much more out of life. She left her home at 17 and put in all her time and efforts into building her life – her empire. From working at a bakery to performing the role of a seamstress, she had experienced a lot on how to start her own venture. With her reckless efforts, her business grew and she even hired three employees. Yet again, she knew she wouldn’t be in that field for a longer course. 

Coaching Career

Melanie fell in love with fitness 8 years ago. After leaving her home, she knew it was time for her to open the next chapter of her life. Fear would crawl in from different angles but she found a CrossFit community that took her in. This is where she learned about discipline and the power of extra push. Her roots began to deepen from that moment and her passion for health and fitness shaped her story. People considered her opinion after watching her work on social media consistently. This was a breakthrough moment for Melanie and that’s when she acknowledged that she cannot ignore an enthusiasm like that. 

Imposter syndrome is very real for her at times but it all comes down to mindset. She aligned her mindset with the growth she expected for herself and her potential clients. Melanie quotes, “Mindset is crucial. Not just for starting a business but also for being successful in life. One should always focus on cultivating it. You control your success level in anything by the way you think.” She believes in spending time with like-minded people who can mentor you and help you grow. 

Future Goals

Melanie works every day in some or the another way. She has a clear understanding of her goals. To her, success is having a clear vision of your aims and then taking the necessary steps to make it happen. One should be clear with the destination they want to reach and then set onto the desired journey. Something she also wants to impart to her clients. 

With this exemplary growth mindset, she will be launching her ebook soon. She will also offer specific mindset coaching and have various fitness and workout programs for different target audiences. Her vision is to give the best help to the people who need it, and provide real value addition to her followers. But her thought is simple, she wants to be authentic with her personal brand on social media and connect with her followers as much as she can. 

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