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melanie martin vigilant fitness

Melanie Martin

Owner & NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Customized Online Training for Women

Custom Online Training Services for the Woman that is trying to handle and take care of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in her life but is, unfortunately, putting herself last. We only get one body in this life we live, friend… We are vigilant when it comes to our kids, our faith, our finances, our friends and so many other areas of life. Yet somehow it’s too easy for Vigilance with our health to fall through the cracks. In order to keep up with the daily demands of the modern woman it is absolutely time to be taking our nutrition, physical health and mindset into our hands.

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How does Vigilant Online Training Work?

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    Your Goals

    Start with scheduling a call and telling me about your goals.

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    Lets Chat

    Before I become your online fitness coach, I want you to be sure that we are a good match and to answer 100% of your questions.

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    Custom Program

    I will create a custom program to fit YOUR goals and get you results. I will work directly with you, no assistants.

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    If you choose to make me your online fitness coach I am going to hold you accountable. I will support you the entire way.

Are you ready to take the next step?

melanie vigilant fitness

About Melanie Martin

Heys Guys! Its me, Melanie. I have founded this company with an incredible passion and purpose behind it. When the world went a little nuts I found myself feeling very helpless. All the sudden everyone was sanitizing and distancing instead of building true health from the inside out. My purpose with Vigilant Fitness is to teach women about finding an adaptable, sustainable balance that works for YOU. Health is far from just physical. Sure, we all have body goals in mind and things we are working towards but true health is a bigger picture. True health is about the things we put into our mind first and foremost, then our body, then our activity level.  I believe in YOU and I think YOU have what it takes to be VIGILANT.


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"Everyone needs someone like Melanie Martin in their corner! A few years ago she inspired me to finally get to work on my own health journey and was a huge support and asset in my journey of losing 50lbs. Her recipe recommendations, fitness advice and consistent encouragement made my life so much easier! I love her passion for helping everyone around her and making the world a better place. If you need help getting started on your journey to health and wellness, she’s your gal!


She Knows the Answer!

"I have reached out to Melanie the past few years on so many different topics. I first chatted with her about weightlifting, I'm pretty knowledgeable about it, but just needed a little more information on how to do things and what was best to do since I had broken my back a few years back. She knew exactly how to answer every situation I threw at her. Then, I got curious about the proteins and products she used. Melanie was able to explain to me why she chose 1st Phorm products and how they have helped her in so many ways and why she loves them so much. Then she went on to share and teach me how to track my macros. I had no clue this was even a thing! I still struggle on the tracking part but I plan on nailing it one day as I continue to talk to her about it! Melanie is coaching me an leading my health and weight lifting in the direction I want it to go. I will message her on days I am craving a cheeseburger and she always comes back with a better and healthier choice! She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of training and nutrition. If it's something she is unfamiliar with she will research it to find the answer! She is great support and keeps me pushing day to day through my 75hard program I am currently doing right now!


Melanie is Incredible!

Melanie is incredible. Her drive and passion for fitness is unmatched. I am forever thankful to Melanie for introducing me to 1st Phorm and products like Opti Greens! Her dedication to creating recipes with sustainable, natural ingredients is amazing. I would definitely recommend Melanie for all of your training needs!


Best Accountability Partner

"Melanie introduced me to the concept of counting my macros when we first started the journey of 75 Hard together. She was very knowledgeable and was able to break it down to me in a way that made it simple, easy, and excuse proof. She was the best accountability partner I could have asked for! I could count on her to check in with me and know that there was someone there when it came time to work out. Melanie was sharing the journey with me and actually living that lifestyle, not just telling me to!